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Now then, now then. What are your thoughts on this one?

The opinions of the exec committee are required before we 'go public' on the Facebook group. Works for me, though. Google map here.

Blurb, featuring quotes from informed reviewers. Otherwise known as the good commenters of

11am SHARP
The White Swan
"Actually not that bad for a JDW. Good to get tanked up on the cheap before a club or late bar. To escape the Wethermen, get a seat upstairs - most of them can't walk up em, so yr safe!"
(Trans.: Daleks run this pub!)

0.25 miles

The Alwyne
"I love the Alwyne, it is the home of the Highbury Groovers Netball Squad, I drink there at least twice a week and food is good."
(It's also one of many homes of our pub quiz team. Though we are clearly not as cool as the 'Groovers.)

0.5 miles

The Compton Arms
"Younger readers of this site may be interested to know that this was one of the first pioneers of real ale back in the 70's when it was part of a small chain of free houses owned by ( believe it or not ) the notorious Maxwell Joseph of Watneys / Trumans fame"

Hardly any distance

The Hope & Anchor
"The last time I came here was after Fulham getting mullered at Highbury a few years back, and me being equally mullered didnt get to appreciate it. This time it was first pub on the list , it still has that musicy alternative vibe."
(Mmm, I love that musicy alternative vibe. Let's get mullered!)

LONGEST WALK HERE: Still under a mile, but allow 15 mins for walk.

The Old Queen's Head
"Am at my desk, just minutes away from the weekend, waiting for the time to pass where I can meet my mates at my local
That is how much I love this pub"
(A thrilling insight into one man's love for the OQH)

Hardly any distance

The Mucky Pup
"p.s. also was a massive dog there one time, dont know if that has something to do with the name. It seems to have one awards for being a dog-friendly pub!"
(One awards! I want one awards. And a massive dog. Apparently the jukebox is good.)

0.3 miles

The Camden Head
"I would like to say that in order to drink here you have to speak polish. The staff are always talking in polish and I find it hard to have a good night out like I once did in this once great pub."
(What larks! Let's all learn Polish!)

0.75 miles, ish, allow 10 mins for walk.

Island Queen
"The decor etc in this pub's ok but I won't be back. Halfway through serving me the phone rang and the barmaid said "Back in a minute" and went and answered it."
(Get her sacked! Outrageous! She was probably Polish.)

0.75 miles, ish, allow 10 mins for walk

The Old Red Lion Theatre Bar
"They have started doing excellent DJ nights...very different, very chilled, and with a beautiful dog!!!"
(A beautiful dog, DJing, what more do you want?!)

Hardly any distance

The Harlequin
"I ordered a pint of landlord. Must be a special version as it came with bits. I will not return."
(Should have ordered a Polish barmaid.)

0.5 miles

Filthy McNasty's
"It makes you want to down whiskeys and snort vodka all day."
(Lucky we're not going there earlier on... perhaps an all-nighter, anyone?)

0.5 miles

The Angel
"A haven for the underclass, very depressing venue, this place reeks of failure and misery"
(Cheer up buddy, it's a Wetherspoon's and we're all mullered!)

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